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How Does An Industrial Tablet Work In A Detection System?

Apr. 19, 2019

How Does An Industrial Tablet Work In A Detection System?

The daily inspection is to ensure that the production work goes smoothly, and the production situation and equipment are recorded in time to prevent the failure from being overwhelmed. Traditional inspection work is a manual query of real-time paper quality. Recording, and then manually enter the system, this information collection method is relatively backward, how can industrial units improve this situation?

First, let's analyze the problems in the inspector's on-site data collection:

A. The traditional detection system lacks a detection data acquisition terminal. Paper records are still required during the inspection data collection process;

B. After recording the paper documents, you need to import or input them once in the data entry interface, which will increase the workload, inevitably generate errors, and seriously waste valuable time and data accuracy;

C. During the inspection process, if you need to retain evidence of a non-conforming inspection item, you will need to use another camera to take the camera and manually record the correspondence between the photo and the non-conforming item. Upload photos as you type. bulky

In view of the shortcomings of the above traditional detection methods, most manufacturers choose to use industrial tablet computers instead of traditional paper detection terminals. Through the application of industrial tablet computers, the detection process can be greatly simplified, and the detection quality and detection efficiency can be improved. The inspection data in the inspection process is saved for later analysis and decision making, the inspection results are flexibly queried, and the inspection event report is flexibly displayed. This will solve the problem of traditional inspection.

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