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3mm Embedded industrial touch screen monitor for extreme environments

Apr. 12, 2019

Jawest provide a variety of industrial displays for a vast range of applications. Our 3mm Embedded industrial touch screen monitor provide high brightness and sunlight readability. Powerful, compact, and rugged, Jawest touch screen monitor are completely and easily configurable, boast advanced thermal management and an all-aluminum chassis, and are combat-proven and field-tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and extreme environments.

Embedded industrial monitor Touch screen type

3mm Embedded industrial touch screen monitor for extreme environments

Resistive touchCapacitive touchInfrared touch
Touch control: 1 point touchTouch control: 10 point touchTouch control: 2-10 point touch
Touch lifetime: ≥ 35 million timesTouch number: ≥ 50 million timesTouch number: ≥50 million times
The influence of dirt: noInfluence of dirt: yesInfluence of dirt: yes
Touch objects: any objectTouch objects: fingersTouch objects: an opaque object
Response time: <15msResponse time: <15msResponse time: <20ms
Screen error: less than 1%Screen error: less than 1%Screen error: less than 1%
Explosion-proof performance: GeneralExplosion-proof performance: goodExplosion-proof performance: good
Applicable environment: indoor / outdoorApplicable environment: IndoorApplicable environment: industry / catering, etc.

High quality industrial LCD panel

--High brightness 500nit-1500nit LED backlights enhancements, direct sunlight readable.

--Antireflective coating,clearer viewing.

--Stable operation with long working life,more than 30,000 hours.

Aluminun alloy enclosure for unique heat dissipation design

--Sealed bezel and True flat screen are more efficient for water resistance.

--Stable running in shock and vibration application, as well as electromagnetic interference and radiation enviroment.

Screen brightness 

--The brightness of the backlight can be adjusted directly through OSD. 

--The screen color won’t be effected while adjusting the brightness.

Motherboard design

3mm Embedded industrial touch screen monitor for extreme environments

PCB design:Anti combustion, explosion proof and moistureproof
Main chipset:REALTEK industrial level display chip
component:Industrial level components
Power supply management:TI chipset,wide range 12-24V input
size:7-85“max resolution 1920*1080
Pressure resistance design:Pressure resistance of solid state capacitance in board 36V/105
Antistatic design:Contact 4KV air 8KV air max 16KV
Automatic sense design:Built-in automatic photosensitive interface, using the luminance automatic regulation of the photosensitive module
Terminal anti-interference:china standard 3C GB/T17626  EMC standard EN55015 and EN61547
Anti-interface:3C EN55022(EMI ) EN55024(EMS )(Need to cooperate with the whole machine)
reliability design:working temp:-20-70 degree
relative humidity: 10%-90%(not congealed)


--Meet the industrial standard touch 4KV (the highest customizable 6KV)

--Meet the industry standard air 8KV (the highest customizable 16KV )

--High level anti-static, can greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine

3mm Embedded industrial touch screen monitor for extreme environments

I/O Interface

· customize interface:Aeronautical power supply interface、BNC etc

· if the distance between computer host and screen over 15m,suggest to use COM touch interface,it is optional

· screen support automatic recognize singnal channel,whatever interface connect with singnalcavle,screen channel automatic switch

· All interfaces of the display are designed to prevent shedding,contact sales if needwaterproof

Environmental adaptability test

NO.Test projectTest methods and conditionsrequirement
1High temperature load  work at a temperature of 70 degreescontinue to work 24h
2High Temperature StorageShelving 2H at a temperature of 85 degrees, After recovery, test its appearance and performance  Fit all requirement
3Low temperature loadwork at a temperature of -20 degreescontinue to work 1h
4Low temperature storageShelving 2H at a temperature of -30 degrees, After recovery, test its appearance and performance  Fit all requirement
5Sweep frequency vibrationSweep up and downFrequency 17-60Hz  width0.35mm Cycle 15min16 times After recovery, test its appearance and performanceFit all requirement
6Drop testEach side drop from 1m height,test its appearance and performanceFit all requirement
7.Anti-interferenceEMCEMI Fit all requirement
8Front panel waterproof and dustproofEmbedded ,leave screen panel outside,Water splashing on the screen,test its appearance and performance  Fit all requirement
9Wide voltage power supplyInput 12V~24VFit all requirement
10AntistaticPort contact 4KV, air 8KVFit all requirement

More information about industrial monitor at http://www.szjawest.cn/ .