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Biometric Self-Service POS MachineBiometric Self-Service POS MachineBiometric Self-Service POS MachineBiometric Self-Service POS MachineBiometric Self-Service POS Machine

Biometric Self-Service POS Machine

• IR Sensor

• Built in thermal printer

• Built in RFID Reader, Support ID/IC card

• Light sensor-- Auto adjust the brightness when light changes

• ID Reader- Talent Resources Market, etc

• Built in camera AF 200W/500W

• Magnetic stripe card reader-Magnetic card/IC Card

• Fingerprint acquisition-brand depend on you

Appearance of the color
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  • Biometric Self-Service POS Machine


    • Fashion surface treatment with brushed aluminum alloy technology.

    • Seamless display panel, IP65 waterproof and dustproof, ten point projected capacitive 

    touch screen, precise multi-finger, Fluid experiences.

    • Various Interfaces design, free connection to different external equipment.

    Hardware advantage

    • Smart Identification, Verification of Identity, all in one ID reader, Optical ID scanning

    • Human & ID card recognition

    • Optical ID scanning

    • Dustproof and waterproof of front panel

    • seamless access control

    • 24h all weather operation

    • quality assurance

    Solution for Entrance and Exit Park

    Upgrade the traditional park gate machine to face recognition access gate. Register 

    the passengers face information when they purchase the tickets, make sure the quick


    Solution for Intelligent Building Face Recognition

    Combination the face recognition and access control system, quick identification of

     employees’ ID and no card entrance/exit. Large scale cloud face recognition based

     on various hardware adaptation. It provides high performance, large-scale face re-

    cognition technology in the cloud, can adapt to a variety of hardware environment, 

    support the face library management of millions of scale, and based on the easy 

    to use SDK and API, fast access and integrated development

    Customized Service Project

    Build the Hardware/software/structure/sample department, years of experience can

    be more effective in completing your project.


    Application of real name registration management in bank, telecom, hotel, guard, 

    Coffee House, etc.

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